When: Tuesday, Apr 23, 2019, (All day)


Executive Board Meeting


Location:  1285 S Detroit Avenue
Date:  04/16/2019
Attendees:  Name(s) John Vaughn, Chris Martin, Jeff Bush,    Suzette Beck-Ramsey, Josh Peaster, Daniel O’Rouke, Josh Hall

  1. Call to order 6:10pm
  1. Roll call


 Absent Excused:   John Vaughn

  Absent Unexcused:

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes Approved: ( Chris Martin motioned to accept minutes, Josh Peaster made the 2nd, and the motion carried.)

  1.  Standing Reports

a)          Recording Secretary. - Vacant.

b)          Secretary/Treasurer Report. – Financial Report Accepted: ( Chris Martin Motioned to accept, 2nd by Josh Peaster- Motion carried )

c)         Vice President Report. –

d)         President Report. -  Franks at Membership Meeting 23rd, Negotiations meeting on the 17th ( Budget Meeting), 27th VMO Training Muskogee, Office Administrator Probation. Internet. Website update.

  1. New business

a)         Summer Event. ( tabled for further discussion )


  1. Adjournment

7:15 PM



Meeting Agenda

Location:  1285 S Detroit Ave.                                                
Date: 4/23/2019
Attendees:  All Members
Time6:00 PM

  1. Call to Order.

General Membership

  1. Roll call

Josh Hall, Josh Peaster, Suzette Beck-Ramsey, Chris Martin, John Vaughn, Daniel O’Rouke, Jeff Bush.

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

No Quorum in March Membership Meeting- No minutes to approve.

April Executive Board Meeting Minutes.

  1. Open issues.
    1. Recording Secretary Election.
    2. New Website Coming Soon. Had a change in IT at the International level. They are saying it will be finished by the end of the Month
    3. Negotiations: J. L. Franks
    4. Officers Reports
      1. Treasurer Report
      2. Recording Secretary’s Report – Vacant.
      3. Vice President’s Report – Constitution.
      4. President’s Report
        1. Membership Growth.  282 (+2)
        2. Feb-March Steward Elections. The City has denied our ability to hold steward elections in the work sites. Stewards will be appointed by the President until we get some contract language that will allow us to hold elections.
        3. The Local 1180 Newsletter has relaunched. Update your Contact Information with the Local.
        4. VMO Training in Muskogee has been cancelled.
  1. Grievances and Civil Service.
    1. A Grievance has been filed by a topped-out LT in water for not receiving step increases. Its at the 3rd Step – Lost.
    2. An all affected grievance had been filed by the Chair of the Chief Stewards for water distribution employees who were made to use their time when they took off on an added 5th day. Its at the 3rd Step. – Won!
    3.  A Civil Service Hearing is set for April for the EC who was terminated due to medical marijuana usage. – Settled before Civil Service, the employee got his job back.
    4. Goldman, Meter Shop Progression Grievance. – Won!
    5. E.     SOM OT Holiday Pay Grievance. It’s at the Third Step. – Won!
    6. F.     EC Unit has filed a grievance due to their Comp Time and Kronos. It is at the Third Step. - Pending
    7. G.   Brewer, filed to go to Civil Service to appeal three-day suspension. We are waiting on a date to be set. - Pending
    8. Good & Welfare. AFSCME LANYARDS
    9. New Business.
    10. Adjournment.







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